About Jack

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My name is Jack.  I am a graduate of Yale University and grew up in British Columbia, Canada. I played competitively as a junior and qualified to play in the nationals and ITF tournaments. I was fortunate to win trips to well known Florida tennis academies, and I was exposed to both good and bad teaching styles.

I also coached private lessons to juniors and adults, when I was as young as 13.  But I’m quite different than most competitive players – I never had a professional coach. Like you, I scoured the web and library for resources on tennis. I attribute in part my admission to Yale to the life lessons I experienced from playing tennis. I’m now living happily in Santa Monica, California.

I built this site originally to help a friend in Canada who wanted to improve his tennis game, and thought that as long as I was trying to share my experience, I might as well put my thoughts online in case others found it helpful. I want to help those who have the desire to learn, and teach themselves. Tennis can be a frustrating game, and difficult to learn. Hopefully I’ve put forth some concepts here that will help you become a better player and enjoy the lifelong game of tennis.

Always practice with a purpose. Enjoy your good shots. Forget the bad ones – – but most of all, have fun as you go!

Good luck!