Must Read

This is deceptively important. If you ask anyone who can hold a racquet, probably 90% of them assume they already know the “ready position”. But the fact is that if you do this wrong, it is difficult to begin your groundstroke properly, and a simple mistake in the most beginner thing – the ready position – can lead to errors in your swing.

Basic concepts

  1. Legs Bent – you should be about 1 foot shorter than normal when you are on the court in the ready position.
  2. Arms relaxed and out in front – there should be space between your elbows and body (maybe 8 inches).
  3. On your toes
  4. Good Balance – Keep your back straight and head up, watching the ball.

Probably most people don’t bend their legs enough at all. They’re stiff legged and this is going to make it impossible to be good at anything. Even I am not bending my legs enough in the video above.

A lot of juniors make the mistake of having their arms in too close to their body in the ready position, and this leads to them taking the racquet back with their elbow tucked into their hip. It makes it very hard to hit the ball properly, and leads to all kinds of problems with their swing dynamics, typically you can see it when the racquet tip is pointing way up, and the racquet drops at the last second. These people will have problems hitting high balls, low balls, and balls coming right at them.


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