Image is Everything

1 Don’t wear Jeans.

rafa-jeans-tennis-rafael-nadal-21012189-466-700 Richard-Mille-RM27-02-rafael-nadal-2

Who’s more legit?

Don’t wear Jeans, Jorts, Cargo Shorts, or Shorts/Pants without pockets (otherwise you can’t keep a ball in your pocket for your second serve and have to run around the court like a noobie).

2 Don’t wear a visor. 



3 Don’t bend over and use your hands to pick up the ball.



4 Don’t wear that ugly tennis attire you see the pros wearing. They’re contractually forced to.


5 Do not stand around flat-footed all the time.

Stay on your toes!

Next Lesson: Power Generation – how do I get more power?!


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