Ball Control Drills

What to prioritize

  • Technique
  • Control
  • Spin
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Power

What probably takes the longest to learn is controlling the ball. At the start you have to put in a lot of time just getting used to holding the ball on your racquet, how responsive it is to movements, and how it bounces on certain parts.

So here are some drills to get better ball control.

Start by bouncing the ball up and down on your racquet out in front of you, when you can do this 20 times no problem, play around with the height at which you bounce the ball – see how high and how low you can bounce it on the racquet.

When this becomes too easy, practice bouncing it in the air, spinning the racquet, and bouncing it on the other side of the racquet face.

Then practice bouncing the ball, keeping your grip the same, but rotating the racquet and bouncing it on both sides of the racquet face.

When this becomes easy, practice walking along all the lines of the court, maintaining control of the ball as you bounce it on your racquet.

When this becomes easy, practice putting spin on the ball in all four directions as you bounce it on your racquet face.

When you can walk freely while bouncing the ball on your racquet with different spins, spinning the racquet between bounces, etc. then you can practice bouncing the ball on the frame of your racquet.

Get creative. Do 360 spins, bounce it between your legs, behind your back, etc. Practice bouncing the ball very high, and then catching it on the strings of the racquet almost like a lacrosse player.


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