Zig Zag Footwork Drill

This simple footwork drill – the Zig Zag drill – is a good one for people who only ever feel comfortable hitting from the baseline. It gets you used to moving into the court and using footwork to get into position. It’s also a good drill to practice maintaining perfect balance, and it helps strengthen your legs.zigzag1

Set up 4 or more cones on the court (I used ball cans), in a zig-zag pattern, with each cone approximately 2 feet in front of the other. Practice using your shuffle step to go around the cones, while maintaining good balance, keeping your legs bent and head level. Keep your eyes up looking at your opponent. This drill is just getting you more comfortable moving around the entire court, and especially moving in. Take many little steps intead of large steps.


Then, once you are comfortable with the shuffle steps around the cones, and feel you are doing it with good balance, practice stepping out with your last step, and rotating your body as though you were doing an abbreviated shot. This will get you used to taking little steps, and moving into the court as you hit the ball.


Finally, progress to moving around all cones while shadowing a full stroke. You can practice either open stance or neutral stance. To repeat, the purpose is to keep your legs bent, taking little steps, with your head on the same level and your eyes up. You’re strengthening your quad muscles (if you aren’t feeling your legs after one move through the cones, then you aren’t bending your legs enough!!!), and improving your whole-court movement.


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