Open Stance Backhand

Hitting Demo

  1. Ready Position
  2. Turn Shoulders
  3. Stutter-Step if necessary
  4. Step out with left foot, point toe at target, roll from heel to toe. In the below video my toe is not pointed all the way at my target, and it is pointed a bit too much towards the sideline. Because of this, you can see how my body momentum carries me to the side instead of right through the shot, and my rotation is not perfect.
  5. Rotate body with left foot landing in front, sideways to the court
  6. Maintain good balance throughout whole shot. Look at my minimal head movement up and down in the below video.

Edit: In the video above at one point I say ‘I take shuffle steps to get into position’. What I mean to say was “I take stutter steps to get into position”. The reason to take short steps at the beginning when you move to the ball is that your acceleration is faster when you are taking many short quick steps. Many coaches use the analogy of using 1st gear on a bicycle for rapid acceleration, and then you can use longer strides (10th gear) for maximum speed. It’s the same thing with sprinting – right after the starter’s pistol, you aren’t taking huge leaping strides. You have to take many small steps in rapid succession to accelerate, then as you build speed your stride length increases.


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