What’s Hidden in your Backhand?

The two-handed backhand is a left-handed forehand in disguise.


Here’s a sample of a normal backhand I’d hit. (Good rotation on this one, but my head goes up too much as I’m a bit too jumpy. Good extension of my left hand and shoulder through the shot.)

bh lh focus

Slowing down, if I take my right hand off the racquet, the motion would be identical to if I were hitting a left-handed forehand. On the two-handed backhand, it should be a predominantly left-handed shot. The left hand is directing the shot, and the right hand is there to stabilize.

lh forehand

If you backhand is feeling too wristy, loopy, or just bad, then practice hitting a bunch of left-handed forehands. It will force you to eliminate wasted movement, and focus on the 3-step forehand.


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