High Open Stance Approach Shot


Here’s the basic swing pattern. I try to keep the racquet as compact as possible for maximum control. You don’t need to worry about power on this shot, and it all comes from your body rotation and legs anyway. So keep that arm swing down to an absolute minimum – so small it’s non-existent. Plant with an open stance and coil on your hips and legs. Keep the racquet up high where the ball will be struck. Look closely at my feet – I am taking so many little steps the frames can’t catch them all. Many fast little steps allow you to adjust – you can accelerate towards the ball or away from it, and you can also apply the brakes. If you take large galumphing steps, you will never time the ball properly, and you can’t attack a ball if it is not in your sweet-spot.

Here’s a fuller analysis:

In the below video you can see an example of what not to do – there I prepare with the racquet down low, while the ball is coming at a high trajectory. If I try to hit the ball at a high strike-point, my racquet will necessarily be approaching it from a low angle. This makes it almost impossible to hit a driving attacking ball. Rather it is most likely that it will fly high and out, or be mis-hit with spin. The green circle indicates the height the racquet should be, with the arrow indicating subsequent trajectory. The red circle indicates where the racquet head is (too low) and the arrows show the messed-up trajectory as a result. (Hint: tap the spacebar repeatedly to view the video frame-by-frame)


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