Volley Technique

On low volleys, you want to keep the tip of the racquet pointed up, and basically use the exact same technique as above, except bend your legs a lot, almost like you’re doing a very deep lunge. As above, you cross over your body slightly when you step.

On high volleys, you use the same technique as much as possible – keeping the racquet out in front, and keeping the motion as compact as possible. Especially on high volleys there is a tendency for you to let the racquet swing too far behind you, and this makes it almost impossible to connect with the ball as you are moving forward, the ball is moving through the air, and your racquet is at an unknown angle somewhere behind you.

Court Positioning on the Volley

In the above video I’m trying to demonstrate how by moving into the court, you can dramatically reduce the area your opponent has to potentially pass you. The red box is my maximum coverage when I am standing at the service line, the yellow box is my maximum coverage when I am 3 steps closer, and the green box is my maximum coverage when I am 2 feet from the net. You should strive to be at that 2 feet from the net range if you are ever going to the net. Yes, you may have to hit your first volley from farther back as you move in, but you don’t want to stop moving in unless you get very close to the net. From here, you can cover the court much better.


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