When Down

If you suddenly find that you keep losing points and games to your opponent, the first thing you should do is try to figure out why.

  1. Are they beating you with good shots?
    1. Are you hitting to their strengths?
    2. Are you hitting the ball out of their strike zone (depth, and height)?
  2. Are you beating yourself?
    1. What shots are you missing? Are they going out or in the net?
    2. Bend your legs and move your feet. Keep your swings compact.
    3. Re-visit your pre-match strategy. Is it working? Are you following it?
    4. Choose large targets more in the middle of the court.
    5. Remember to breathe/grunt so you don’t tighten up.

The second thing you should do when you find that the match momentum is against you is try to slow things down. You have 30 seconds after each point to wipe your hands down with a towel, fix your strings, tie your shoes, etc. Slow their rhythm down so you can get back into the match. You’ll even see people taking bathroom breaks after they lose a set so they can splash water on their face, slow down and regroup.

Often in the pros, people who just lost a set or feel the momentum moving against them elect to take an ‘injury timeout’ where you get a few minutes to work on an injury. Faking an injury is cheating, but some people do it.


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