How to Beat a Chip-Returner

A lot of times you will be serving very well but your opponent will just dink back a very high chip or slice shot – just bunting your serves back into play, and then starting out the point.

When playing someone who is returning serve like this, you have a few options. First, you can move in after your serve to hit a volley or swinging volley, immediately taking the offensive.

Second, you can wait for the ball to bounce, and then direct it deep and to their weaker side, hoping to gain control of the point. From there, you can finish them off.

In both cases, do not go for the outright winner. Go for an aggressive control shot, followed by closing in on the net or using angles to get your lazy opponent running. Of these two strategies, I much prefer the swinging volley follow-up, as it sends the message to your opponent that merely dinking back your serves will be punished


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