Every Day I’m Shufflin’

Okay, so you’ve already seen the basic shuffle step and karaoke step, and you’ve got those movements down pat – but like the karate kid with your waxing on and off, you can’t see the application.

The shuffle step and karaoke step needs to be practiced so frequently that you never have to think about it. They are used when you recover after a shot, they are used when you move back, when you move in, and when you hit inside-outs — as seen in the video below. It must be so natural that you never think about your feet, and when the ball comes you just react and move.

When recovering along the baseline – you must use the shuffle step because you are essentially in the ready position as you are moving. You can change directions very easily and splitstep as soon as your opponent hits the ball.

Unfortunately I’m just dropping the ball here to demonstrate the shuffle – ideally on my inside outs, I would have less lateral body momentum, and be more ‘set’ to hit the ball with my feet solidly planted so I can exert force into the shot towards the court, rather that falling out of frame.


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