Beginner Zone

Well we all have to start somewhere. Check out the best way to get started by reading lessons in the Beginner Zone, then move on to footwork drills, groundstroke drills, and then gameplay tactics and strategy.

Lesson 1 : Buying your first Tennis Racquet

Lesson 2: Racquet Care

Lesson 3: The one other thing you Need

Lesson 4: Grips

Lesson 5: What to Learn First

Lesson 6: Strong Foundation

Lesson 7: The Splitstep

Lesson 8: The most important thing – Footwork comes First

Lesson 9: Know the Lingo

Lesson 10: Grunt like a Champion

Lesson 11: Where’s my Strikezone?

Lesson 12: Impact – How to Hit Top Spin and Slice

Lesson 13: How not to look like a Dork

Lesson 14: How to Get More Power in Tennis

Lesson 15: Attitude for Learning

Lesson 16: Court Etiquette

For Tennis Parents

Lesson 1: What to know as a Tennis Parent

Lesson 2: Stupid Tennis Math and the Scholarship Myth

Lesson 3: Attitude for Coaching

LEVEL UP! Now you can move on to Practice and Drills.