John McEnroe Serve


Lateral shoulder turn is extreme to enhance lefty spin.

Swings up at the ball nicely

Good rhythm


Shoulder flexibility looks poor – probably because he’s super old here.

Could use his legs for more power generation

Hitting shoulder does not come all the way through the shot onto the other side of his body on the follow-through.


Pat Rafter Serve


Tosses while weight on his back foot

Severe back arch, and poor balance — makes it extremely difficult for him to rotate fully through the serve with his hips and core.

Power generation primarily coming from the shoulder

Brings right foot to the right outside of his front foot, causing an opening of the hips prematurely.

Practically zero degrees of lateral rotation of the shoulders. Compare that to John McEnroe.

Agassi Backhand Front

likes: Keeps the racquet on his left side throughout the stroke, nice an compact motion, phenomenal balance, good extension, relaxed motion, drops the racquet nicely.

dislikes: very stiff legs, not great rotation, toe is closed off, putting pressure on the knee and stopping forward body momentum.

Also check out this video for some wicked mullet action: