Practice and Drills

Keep in mind that practice doesn’t always make perfect. Sometimes it just irons bad habits into your brain. So try your best to work hard at everything you do every moment of practice. Bend your legs, think about something and practice it a hundred or a thousand times until it becomes a natural instinct. You’re not going to be able to do everything perfectly on every single shot – nobody can! Half the time I post a video of myself to illustrate footwork, and realize I need to fix something on another part of my game. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not perfect. Just build your foundation. This is where you get better.

And remember – He who trains hardest, wins!


Lesson 1: The Practice Curve

Lesson 2: Think like a Champ

Lesson 3: The Secrets to finding a good Coach



Lesson 4: Footwork Between Shots

Lesson 5: The Shuffle and Karaoke Steps

Lesson 6: Out Wide Recovery

Lesson 7: Move through the shot

Lesson 8: Zigzag Footwork Drill

Lesson 9: Review: The Splitstep

Lesson 10: The Best Footwork Drill for Tennis

Lesson 11: Stutter-Steps : When and Why?

Lesson 12: Movement In, Out, Sideways, and for Inside-Outs


Lesson 1: How to gain better Ball Control

Lesson 2: Groundstroke Shadow Drills

Lesson 3: Serve Drill for Spin and Kick

Lesson 4: Serve Drill for Balance

Lesson 5: The Top 4 Dumbest Tennis Drills

Lesson 6: Core Tennis Drills For Spin, Control, and Movement

Lesson 7: Want Better Balance? Be a Conehead!


Lesson 1: General Conditioning and Functional Conditioning for Tennis

Lesson 2: Drill for More Power in Tennis

Sample Structures for Practice Sessions

On-Court Practice:  Sample Lesson 1

LEVEL UP!! Now that you’ve reviewed these practice items, look at the lessons on Technique, to perfect your shots.


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