Strategy is how to win the war (match), whereas tactics are how to win each battle (points). Strategic decisions take into account your opponent, and all match conditions in order to win however you can.

Your understanding of match strategy becomes increasingly important as your technique becomes closer and closer to perfect. At a certain level of play, each player will have comparable technique, but it is the relative understanding of matchplay strategy and tactics that will more often determine who wins.

Lesson 1: Create a Gameplan

Ex. Custom Gameplan 1

Ex. Custom Gameplan 2

Lesson 2: When to Change my Gameplan

Lesson 3: The Racquet Man Creed

Lesson 4: Playing a Jerk

Lesson 5: What to do if you are losing

Lesson 6: Be Clever, Not Showy

Lesson 7: Sympathy is for Suckers

Lesson 8: Tennis Commandments

Lesson 9: Pre-Match Preparation

Lesson 10: Rituals

Lesson 11: Post-Match Recovery

Lesson 12: How to beat a Chip-Returner

Lesson 13: How to beat someone better than you

Lesson 14: How to beat the continental grip / How to beat an older player

Lesson 15: How to Handle Nerves and Choking

Lesson 16: How to beat a Lefty

Lesson 17: Gamesmanship

Lesson 18: How to Reduce Unforced Errors

Nice! LEVEL UPPPPPPPP! Go back through each section and practice until you’re a perfect tennis machine. Check out my Pro Video Library for slow mo videos of the pros. Try to pick apart their technique and decide what you like and don’t like.