Technique to me encompasses how to move your body in order to execute a shot properly.

Technique is what allows you to hit the ball with control, to hit it consistently, and to hit with power. When I was 13 I could hit my serves with more power than most grown adults. It wasn’t because I weighed 100 or 110 lbs! It was because I understood how to use my body efficiently. It’s all about imparting energy onto a small point over a short period of time, with little wasted energy.


Lesson 1: Neutral Stance Baseline Drill

Lesson 2: The Most Common Tennis Groundstroke Errors

Lesson 3: The Follow-Through Myth

Lesson 4: Various Groundstrokes Video Reel


Lesson 1: Neutral Stance Backhand

Lesson 2: Open Stance Backhand

Lesson 3: Neutral Stance Backhand Approach Shot

Lesson 4: What’s Hidden in your Backhand?

Lesson 5: Should I Hit a One-Handed Backhand or Two-Handed Backhand?

Lesson 6: Correct Shoulder Rotation – Drill for Extra Oompf


Lesson 1: Three Step Forehand

Lesson 2: Neutral Stance Forehand

Lesson 3: Open Stance Forehand

Lesson 4: Low Open Stance Approach Shot

Lesson 5: High Open Stance Approach Shot

Lesson 6: Inside Out Forehand

Lesson 7: How to Hit a Looping Topspin Forehand

Lesson 8: Disease of the Century – Sticky Elbow Syndrome


Lesson 1: Volley Technique

Lesson 2: Swinging Volley Technique (coming soon)

Lesson 3: The Overhead Smash

Slice and Dropshots

Lesson 1: Forehand Slice, Backhand Slice, and Dropshots


Lesson 1: Serve Alignment

Lesson 2: Serve Hip Lead

Lesson 3: The Dreaded Ball Toss

Lesson 4: The Varying Ball Toss Myth

Lesson 5: Most Common Serve Mistakes

Return of Serve

Lesson 1: Return of Serve


Lesson 1: How to Know Where Your Opponent Will Serve Before They Do

LEVEL UP!!! Now that you can hit the ball, work on your Tactics!